Investing In The Dream

At Big Dreamer Productions, each new project begins the exact same way: with a unique vision, an idea, a dream...


Whether we are crafting World Class Haunted Attractions, Immersive Escape Experiences, or captivating live theatre, none of our dreams can become realities without the incredible support from our investors. 

While true, theatrical investment is one of the most risky investments you can make, it can also be financially rewarding, and incredibly fun.  

I believe in family, loyalty, honesty, integrity, and creating art that speaks to the human spirit. It is with these core values that I approach each of my projects, and endow them with the same love, trust, and plan for success that I share with my investors. Without your support these visions would never come to fruition, and would remain firmly rooted in the world of make-believe.

With over a decade of experience creating productions and thrilling millions of audience members across the world, I truly believe that with your support no show is too big, no adventure is too risky, no dream impossible.

Like family, I'm not interested in a short term arrangement; I strive to build long lasting relationships with each of my investors, and we hope to share with you lifelong opportunities of growth, success and adventure. 

Each of our investors are able to benefit from regular production updates, exclusive tax benefits, monthly P&L statements, financial reports, exclusive invitations to attend gala events, opening nights, press parties, cast parties, rehearsals, marketing meetings, photo shoots, venue tours, complimentary tickets and house seats, discounts on priority tickets, merchandise, and craft cocktails, not to mention cultivating a personal relationship with the theatrical community, stars, and fans that help to make this the best industry on earth.   

We are committed to opening the theatrical business model up to everyone who has a desire to participate. If you love this business, and you want to be a part- I believe you should have the opportunity to do so. 

As such, investment is often available from as little as $/£100

Whatever your dream may be: from having your name above the title on a Broadway or West End Marquee, to mingling with celebrities on opening night, or enjoying a host of unique involvement opportunities during the creation of our spectacular productions, I'd love to work with you and help make your dreams a reality too.

Thank you for taking the time to support my dreams, I look forward to working with you to make them come true.  

Please fill out the information below, and I'll personally say hello to you very soon. 

All My Best,  

Dalton M. Dale

Producing Artistic Director

Big Dreamer Productions 

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