Dark Water

Dark Water


This experience is only suitable for the brave and adventurous. You will be ALONE, and may NOT end your journey early. This experience is not meant for the faint of heart, claustrophobic, asthmatic, or those suffering from recent Surgery, Trauma, Expectant Mothers, Fear of Drowning, Heart Conditions, PTSD or any other MENTAL, PHYSICAL, or MEDICAL AFFLICTIONS. 

This attraction utilizes strobe lights, fog machines, and intense special effects. 

Dark Water

Deep in the tower 

lies a watery grave.

Here's an invitation to visit- 

but only if you're brave. 


Climb into the box, steel and strong. 

Slow your breath,

else you won't last long. 


Cross your arms,

bare the chains. 

Below is only





The box sinks down,

pray the glass will hold-

else you'll suffer 

horrors untold.