About Us

Big Dreamer Productions was founded in 2000 by Producing Artistic Director Dalton M. Dale, as a producing entity for his fantastical and macabre theatrical productions.

Our Productions' fester somewhere in the realm between reality and fantasy; often inhabiting a dark and barren land that runs rampant with your nightmares from days-gone-by.

Since our inception in 2000, Big Dreamer Productions has proven themselves as a leader in creating immersive theatrical experiences, from World Class Haunted Attractions, captivating live theatre, to immersive escape experiences. We specialize in bringing your darkest nightmares to life.

Big Dreamer Productions is represented by nine commercial productions currently playing in the USA. There are five productions playing Off Broadway in NYC and Regionally we have four immersive productions. Our work has received international attention, and we are currently producing several more projects debuting in Los Angeles, NYC, and London in the coming seasons. 

We are now comprised of four distinct divisions:

1) Commercial Theatre- This Division of Big Dreamer Productions handles the marketing, design, development, management and producing of brand new theatrical productions, created for Broadway and Off-Broadway in NYC and in regional theatres across the country. Each of our projects explores macabre themes, and ghostly stories. We wish to connect with our audiences on a visceral level, and through the supernatural we stay true to our utmost core belief:

“You'll never feel as alive as when you are scared to death…”


2) Commercial Haunted Attractions- At Big Dreamer Productions, we believe in the power of a shared emotional experience, and what is a more powerful emotional experience than fear? This is our approach to every haunted attraction we create: Atmosphere is driven by story, and story is driven by characters, and once you're emotionally invested in the character's journey- your fear is not only easily manipulated, but the experience is very real. From the moment your eyes behold our haunted edifice, you are being told a story, literally walking into another realm. 

3) Escape Rooms- Expanding on our unique entertainment style, Big Dreamer Productions has now designed several fully immersive, highly detailed Escape Experiences. Unlike most traditional escape rooms, in our experiences you the audience are a character in the story. You have one hour's time to complete character objectives, find clues, solve puzzles and escape! If you fail to complete your story, you won't make it out alive. 

4) Big Dreamer Productions UK-  Our newest addition to the company, Big Dreamer Productions UK, based in London England,  was created to expand our immersive theatrical offerings by pushing the envelope and creating several groundbreaking year round experiences that cater to London's eager immersive theatre crowd. We also have relocated our physical effects studio to London, which handles our demand for practical effects, creature makeups, for film and television production. Partnering with many UK Based artists, technicians and companies, Big Dreamer Productions UK is a fully functional, one stop shop for all of your Television and Film needs.


We specialize in Special Effects Creature Makeup and Design, Prosthetics, Photography, Filming Services, Lighting Services, Costume Design and manufacturing, Prop Design, Photo and Video Editing, and Stunt work. We also wholesale over 70k lighting, sound, makeup, costume, specialty and production items to theme parks, theatres, production and escape room companies across the world. 

Through impeccable attention to detail, and stunning theatrical design, you will be fully transported into the world of the nightmare; unable to distinguish between fact and fiction, leaving you haunted for weeks to come.

Over the last decade, our work has been featured in 7 of the world's top haunted attractions, multiple Broadway National Tours, Off-Broadway Productions, National Television Productions, Theme Parks, and Regional Theatres.

In 2012, Dalton M. Dale became the youngest Commercial Producer in Off-Broadway History. He has now designed for every commercial haunted attraction in New York City, and several major attractions and theme parks across the country. In 2016 he created and produced NY State's largest Immersive Haunted House. 

Whether designing a world class haunted attraction, or creating Broadway's first 4-D Horror Experience, Big Dreamer Productions is a full service production company. We are committed to telling stories that lie within the shadows, and reaching out across the great beyond so that the deceased may have a voice once more. It is our passion to create a theatrical experience that will transport our audiences into another realm; fully immersing them into our story. Some artists create for the laughter of an audience. Some create for the applause.

We do it for the screams.

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